When will Porchlight Animal Sanctuary open?

Through our grassroots fundraising efforts and grants, we aim to raise at least $100,000 by the end of 2018. This will allow us to begin building our farm infrastructure with the goal of welcoming our first residents in 2019.

Where will the sanctuary be located?

We are currently researching land costs, zoning, and veterinary access, among other factors to consider when choosing a sanctuary location. Ease of access is a top priority and we hope to find a perfect location within an hour's drive from Richmond, Virginia. 

Where will the animals come from?

Farmed animals escape the cruel agricultural industry through a number of situations. The residents of our sanctuary could be survivors of overturned transport trucks, cruelty cases, farms that close due to financial difficulty, or backyard ‘farm’ surrenders. We will provide a loving home for these individuals who have managed to escape a system that only views them as commodities.

What is a farmed animal sanctuary?

Unlike petting zoos or agricultural farms, sanctuaries are unique in their practices because animal residents are never expected to provide entertainment, flesh, or marketable byproducts to justify their existence. Instead, a sanctuary’s focus is on the individual animal’s physical and emotional needs. While tours are a common feature at farmed animal sanctuaries, interactions with the public will be coordinated around individual resident preferences with attention to ensuring bodily autonomy and privacy for those who will call Porchlight home.

What types of educational programs will you offer?

At the core of our educational programming will be the goal of making a compassionate lifestyle more accessible to all. We believe that we can extend our life-saving efforts even further when our community is empowered to help create change. Class topics will include vegan cooking, grocery shopping on a budget, kid-friendly meals, and many more.

What criteria are you looking for in a property?

  • Less than an hour drive from Richmond, VA in a semi-remote location

  • 15 - 100 acres, with established pastures

  • Existing barns and/or the ability to construct barns

  • On site housing and/or the ability to construct housing for a caregiver

  • A community kitchen and meeting space with an office for staff, or the ability to construct this in the future

  • Preferably has an established water source

  • Ideally, we’d also like space for overnight visitors or the ability to construct cabins and campsites in the future

I want to help! How can I volunteer?

Thank you! Volunteer opportunities are constantly evolving as this nonprofit grows and the best way to share your interest in getting involved is through our quick Volunteer Questionnaire.